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The Subtle Body

Happy customers.
"Spending any amount of time focusing on tuning into your body and mind is an incredible gift, and that’s exactly how I would describe Yin trainings with Stephanie. Her trainings and workshops are like mini retreats for your soul. She’s an incredibly insightful and knowledgeable teacher, whose passion for her chosen path can’t help but shine through. With an emphasis on stillness and turning inward, Stephanie turns 30 hours of training into an incredibly in-depth and comprehensive look at not only how to actually teach Yin Yoga, but also how to integrate the teachings into your daily life off the mat. Sprinkled through with mindfulness practices, thoughts on meditation, poetry and, of course, her crystal singing bowls, these weekends are so much more than trainings – they’re little bits of magic."
Cat Reynolds
290 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor