The Antidote

A Mentorship Program for Living Well 
January 22nd-February 12th 

Live calls every Tuesday @ 1pm MST

THE ANTIDOTE: a mentorship program for living well

Course Overview:

From our hearts to yours we are excited to share our heart work THE ANTIDOTE: A Mentorship Program for Living Well. We wholeheartedly offer you our combined 20 years of self-inquiry, personal development, coaching and teaching into a 4 week online mentorship program that embodies the pillars of living your most whole and authentic life.

This program is for the individual who is committed to growth and crafting an elevated life and career that inspires, cultivates alignment and integrates learning into reality. Wellness professionals + enthusiasts, healers, teachers new and experienced and students just beginning a practice of yoga or mindfulness for the first time will find this program to be a valuable tool and something to reference over time. THE ANTIDOTE is designed to help you to up-level your current practices and offer a new set of tools and perspectives to live your life well + authentically YOU. Participants will need to be ready to cultivate change and foster authenticity in their homes,

Course Outline:


Sarah Powers says it best; “Be here now, because now is where your life is.” 

In our first week together, we will explore what it means to be truly present as we come together to explore the first module ARRIVE.  We have all been told that being present in our lives is important, but what does being present actually mean, and how do we get there? In this first week we will explore the qualities of presence, and offer tools to help open up our own capacity for living more fully in the moment. When we recognize what it feels like to live in the presence of our own grace, we can begin to offer this gift of presence to ourselves and those around us. 


“It’s not your job to like me- it’s mine” Byron Katie.  

To step into your most whole and authentic self is the most powerful and generous gift you can give yourself and those around you. In a world that is fast paced, digital and constantly in flux, it can be challenging to remember who your authentic self truly is. Together we will ALIGN with your unique core values and design the structures needed to remember who and what you stand for. You will build the emotional agility and capacity to be YOU unapologetically.


“Our level of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance” Brene Brown

Progress over perfection. As we unblock limiting beliefs and create new neural pathways of self-worth we open doors of opportunity and perspective, but only if we are willing to put one foot in front of the other and truly step into action. We are too often held prisoner to old ways of thinking, thus preventing us from making seemingly small but essential steps to up-level our self-worth and experience new opportunities and possibility. Together we will help you integrate past experiences, knowledge and your authentic voice into all that you do; be it in relationships, business, and personal development.  



Never give up on yourself.

As with any positive changes we make in our life, it is inevitable that there will be a time the motivation is low, circumstances change, or the busyness of life takes over and we lose our footing. In these times, how can we redirect ourselves back to presence and authenticity in a way that is compassionate and non-judgemental? As Donna Fauls says, perfection isn’t a prerequisite for anything but pain. In this module we will talk about how to sustain positive changes in your life in a way that is gentle and forgiving,  allowing our practice, self-development, and magnetism for authenticity to expand and evolve over time.




  • Welcome Package, including essential oil care kit, customized mantra cards, Tea samplers, and journal
  • 4 weekly 1-hour live video calls with Stephanie and Stacey via Zoom Video Conferencing. All calls will be recorded to watch at your convenience.
  • Weekly readings, podcasts, and journaling activities
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook Accountability group for resource sharing and community building.
  • Free access to our online yoga classes and guided meditations

Cost: $299.00

Early Bird: $249.00

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