It’s​ ok to not be ok


Stress is something I have been working a lot with lately. The secret is that just because you know tools to manage stress (or even teach them) does not mean you are immune to experiencing this feeling of heavy anxiety and overwhelm!  Stress happens to all of us, and especially in our global political environmental state. We are all experiencing the impact of uncertain and even scary times. How do we manage?
Last night I sat down and had a little cry. It was a relief to let down my guard of resisting the feeling of stress, anxiety and overwhelm and just feel it. Offering compassion to myself with a hand over the heart and then extending it out with relief. It’s ok to sometimes not be ok. Compassion sometimes is a better response than trying to fix it.

Stress management tip for you today: practice TONGLEN. This is a simple practice of feeling and sending out healing with your breath. You could practice this FREE guided meditation in a seated forward bend and breath deeply. Remember that you are not alone, and that you are worthy of your love and care. From my heart to yours.



Mindful New Years Reflections – What You Notice Begins to Grow

mindful new years reflections

The New Year marks a New Beginning, a time for Mindful New Years Reflections

This is a great time for mindful new years’ reflections on where we are, where we have been, and where we are going. While setting aspirations for the New Year can inspire us to be the best version of ourselves, it can be easy to get stuck on feeling never good enough, and disappointed when we do not reach our goals.

The Buddha said that what we notice begins to GROW.

So instead of noting our failures of 2019 consider making a list of new years validations! This is a shortlist of your accomplishments. These are mindful new years’ reflections.

Make a note of all the ways in which you have triumphed, transcended, withstood or survived the past year.

Notice the ways, however small or large you have lived and loved well.

mindful new years reflections

Make a point to highlight the occasions when you held to your truth, set boundaries, and make new choices. Remember the times you got back up after difficulties or failures. Honor those that have supported you, believed in you, and loved you along the way.

Trust that this goodness will grow in 2020 the more you show up in little ways. While the little ways we are kind and courageous might not look like much, together we build something significant.

Click here to see some of the programs I am offering in the New Year. I hope you are making your own mindful new years reflections, and I sincerely hope to see you in class, or online!

Here’s to your continued growth in this new decade!

xo Stephanie

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Autumn Mindfulness Meditation on the Lungs

Autumn Mindfulness Meditation

I’ve recorded an Autumn Mindfulness Meditation on Listening to the Wisdom of the Lungs. This is an interesting topic related to Chinese Medicine and the changes in seasons, I hope you enjoy it.

In Chinese Energy medicine, every organ in our body has its own spirit, its own wisdom. The wisdom of our organs in inherited from the earth: her elements, her seasons, her sacred rhythms.

Autumn is the season of the lung.

The air is cool the leaves are brown and crispy.

The birds fly south, and the bears prepare for sleep.

Fall reminds us of the constant change and flow that life is. Like the exhale breath, the season is descending. While it can seem sad, death is beautiful because it gives space for something new. It would be impossible to only inhale without the exhale – death supports life, just as life supports death.

The ancient Taoists suggests that our lungs are not only vital for our respiration, our skin health, and immunity, but our capacity to flow with the changes in life. They remind us that everything is in flux, continually coming into birth and falling into death.

In this lung season, ask: What am I ready to let go of?

Where can I flow a bit more with whatever is happening right now in my life?

Because the lungs are the only organ that can operate consciously and unconsciously they make an excellent object of mindfulness meditation.

Please enjoy this free Autumn Mindfulness Meditation on Listening to the Wisdom of the Lungs.

Autumn Mindfulness Meditation

Life is a constant exchange

Flowing loss and gifts

Like the season’s shifts

Dead leaves and flowers

Petals blow in the wind we breathe

Open fingers are better than closed fists.

If you enjoyed this, feel free to listen to my Check-In Meditation here.

xo Stephanie

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Autumn Mindfulness Meditation