April 1 - 6, 2020 

Soquel, California, USA


Guided Silence, Yoga, & Meditation

During this Insight Yoga Silent Retreat in Soquel, California, we will practice Yin/Yang yoga, Qigong, sitting/walking meditation, pranayama, as well as practices to connect with our deepest, truest heart.

We will stay at the Buddhist retreat centre Land of Medicine Buddha.

The Intention will be to create the conditions for entering into our innate, abiding awareness of this life, just as it is, free from judgment.

The Buddha’s teachings of mindfulness and compassion will be shared and will serve as the framework for which the retreat will be held.

The Insight Yoga
Silent Retreat Experience



Social silence will be held throughout the retreat to promote an environment of inner contemplation. We will take a step back from the busyness, and use our practice to re-charge, listen, and contemplate. It is also encouraged you to turn off your cell phone and all other technology for the duration of the retreat.


Yin Yoga and Meditation

Meditations offered at this retreat are intended to calm the mind and connect you to your heart. Yin Yoga is the quiet practice of long held postures, used to relax our nervous system, and encourage fluid flow within facial sheets and joint sites of our body. 



Qigong is the oldest branch of Traditional Chinese Energy Medicine, dating back to over 5000 years. “Qi” means energy, and “gong” means skill. Qigong, combines gentle movement, breath, and visualizations to in order to master our personal power and potentiol for healing.

Benefits of Going 'Silent'

Slow Down

that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature

Get Away

and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life

Find Peace

and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body


yourself after too long of feeling disconnected

On this retreat...

You will practice Yin yoga and Yang yoga, Qigong, sitting and walking meditation, Pranayama, as well as practices to connect with your deepest, truest heart, all while in silence beneath the peaceful Red Wood trees of Soquel, California.

Stepping out of your daily routine and the business of your life is a radically supportive act. When you take this step, you have the opportunity to allow the natural processes of the mind to unfold in an environment free of mundane distraction.

Observing the unfolding process brings about valuable insights into the unconscious beliefs, opinions, thought patterns, and biases you hold.

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The INTENTION is to create conditions for 

ABIDING AWARENESS of life, as it is, 

FREE from judgement.

The Buddha’s teachings of mindfulness and compassion will be shared and will serve as the framework for which the Insight Yoga Silent Retreat will be held.

The group’s time together will be supported by social silence and the towering redwoods that comprise the beautiful, natural setting of the Land of Medicine Buddha.

Retreat with
Insight Yoga Instructors

Stephanie Nosco

Yoga Instructor and Guide

Yin Yoga teacher, Medical Qigong Practitioner, meditator and movement enthusiast, Stephanie is passionate about guiding people through practices that facilitate honest self-inquiry and insight. Stephanie began exploring yoga, meditation, and spirituality at the age of 15. She has two Bachelors Degrees in Religious Studies and Education, and more than 1000 hours of Yoga teacher training from a variety of different lineages.

Adam Stonebraker

Yoga Instructor and Guide

Adam began practicing meditation in 2000 and Yoga in 2002. His meditation practice has informed his yoga practice from the very beginning. Because of this, he naturally gravitated toward slower practices and found a home in Yin Yoga. Adam sees Yin Yoga as the perfect vehicle for self-inquiry due to the passive and quiet nature of the practice but also as an essential practice in keeping the physical and energetic body vibrant and healthy. Adam has also studied extensively in traditional and active forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Anusara, and Iyengar Yoga.

 What does being 'Silent' mean? 

Time for just you, nature, and your practice. 

Being silent means that you do not speak to others, nor communicate in non-verbal ways through eye contact of body language.

There are periods set aside for formal teaching instructions, in which the facilitator will guide you through practices.

All cell phones, computers and tablets are turned off, long periods of reading and writing are discouraged; instead you will use this time to recharge, unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature.

Retreat Itinerary

This is the basic schedule that we will follow throughout the Insight Yoga Silent Retreat with the exception of arrival and departure days. 

Morning and afternoon sessions will consist of movement, meditation, and inquiry practice, while the evening sessions will consist of teaching and meditation. 

An optional suggested practice schedule will also be given for those who would like more structure during free time.

6:00 AM – Self-led Yang Yoga Practice
7:00 AM – Meditation
7:30 AM – Breakfast
9:00 AM – Morning Session
12:00 PM – Lunch
3:00 PM – Afternoon Session
6:00 PM – Dinner
7:30 PM – Evening Session


Land of Medicine Buddha
Soquel, California, USA

Check In: April 1, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Check Out: April 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM

insight yoga silent retreat
insight yoga silent retreat

Room Options

  • * Private room
  • * Double room
    (two people sharing a room)
  • * Shared room
    (3+ people sharing a room)


All rooms include a private bathroom with a shower. Towel and linen service is provided.

* Sauna & Spa
* Swimming pool (outdoor)
* Dining area
* Environmentally friendly Lounge
* Meditation garden
* Picnic area 
* Smoke-free property
* Terrace
* Yoga shala

insight yoga silent retreat
insight yoga silent retreat


Insight Yoga Silent Retreat

6 days (5 Nights), excluding flights, priced in USD

10% Discount when you register before January 31! 

Discount applied upon registration.


Shared Room

* All Meals Included


Double Room

* All Meals Included


Private Room

* All Meals Included

"My husband and I were participants in Stephanie’s silent retreat in May 2017 at Quantum Leaps Lodge in Golden, BC.

We were both enormously impressed with Stephanie’s compassion, intelligence and innate teaching ability. She brings a spiritual depth and knowledge of both Buddhism and Yin Yoga that I have personally never experienced before in my 40+ years of studying yoga and meditation. Stephanie’s teachings in this stunning retreat setting were quite profound and transformative for both of us.

If you are interested in learning more than the typical North American system of asana and meditation, Stephanie’s retreats are well worth exploring – we give them (and Stephanie) our highest recommendation!"
Classroom Session Outside
- Karen Huggins
Retreat Participant

Ready to immerse yourself in the peaceful world of a