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Yin Yoga, classes that focus on meditation and Chinese Energy modalities. Quality instruction to help you connect with your body, mind and soul.

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High Quality Heart-felt Practices From Home

The practices of Yoga that Stephanie teaches are desigend to provide you will a moment to pause. A moment to stop and listen to your body, and the intelligence and power for your own healing abilities. 

“Stephanie’s classes have profoundly enhanced my life.  Through her classes, I have been able to create space in my mind & body and have been able to handle this busy life with greater clarity.  This has led to both personal and business achievements. ” 

Michelle Oberg, Student

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Meditations offered by Nosco Yoga are intended to calm the mind and connect you to your heart.  An innovation of both Buddhist and Taoist traditions, these meditations will support quiescence of mind, as well as inquiry into one’s true nature, and highest aspirations. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the quiet practice of long held postures, used to relax our nervous system, and encourage fluid flow within facial sheets and joint sites of our body. This enhances the flow of Qi (energy) which promotes the health of our body, mind and spirit. 


Qigong is the oldest branch of Traditional Chinese Energy Medicine, dating back to over 5000 years. “Qi” means energy, and 
“gong” means skill. Qigong, combines gentle movement, breath, and visualizations to in order to master our personal power and potentiol for healing. 

Why Choose Us

Yin Yoga that goes beyond the postures 

These classes are designed to target specific energy meridian channels that correspond with different organs as mapped by the Chinese Energy Medicine Modalities.  Each class is a journey through not only physical postures, but the many dimensions of the heart and mind. Buddhist and Taoist teachings, poetry, and psychospiritual inquiry are woven into class instructions.  


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Stephanie Nosco

Stephanie Nosco

Teacher, Writer, Euntrepreneur & lifelong Student

I found yoga at the tender age of 15 when my mind and body felt like foreign terrain. Yoga postures lead me to my breath, which offered me solace during the stress and toxicity of adolescence. During University, I became more interested in the spirituality and philosophy behind the practice I already loved- which lead me to a religious studies professor who opened my eyes to Buddhism. After receiving a degree in eastern religious studies, I made a pilgrimage to India where I spent months learning the traditional roots of yoga. From this point on I continued to study and practice with many teachers- receiving the teachings and then testing them in the laboratory of my own heart and mind. Since then, I have earned my undergraduate degree in both religious studies and education, and am working towards my masters degree in Counselling Psychology. 

 My main teachers are Sarah and Ty powers, whose teaching blends yin/yang yoga, Buddhism and psychotherapy into one practice called Insight Yoga. I am so grateful for the many jewels of wisdom they continue to share with me. In 2017 I had the privilege of sitting a month-long silent retreat at Sprit Rock Meditation Center with Gil Fronstal and Philip Moffit. I am very influenced by their teachings on Insight (vipassana) Meditation. In 2020,  I will be traveling to Durban, South Africa for another month silent retreat with the esteemed meditation teachers teachers Kittisaro and Thanissara.  I am also influenced by the Tibetan Buddhist teachers, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and Anam Thubten, who I enjoy taking workshops and retreats from when time allows.

I also studied Medical Qigong and Shamanic Chinese Energy Medicine, with Wendy Lang in Marin, California. Learning the foundations of Chinese energetic practices have greatly influenced how I teach Yin and Yin/Yang yoga. 

My daily practice continually reveals deeper layers of learning and self-discovery. There are so many teachings and teachers available, but I think the real learning must come from your own experience of what you feel to be true- and then being open to question that truth. Our practice is a continual navigation through the wilderness of our body heart and mind. May it lead us to a place of solace, peace and true refuge.



What People Are Saying

” Thank you for the profoundly beautiful class last night. I have never experienced Yin Yoga like that before and it was amazing to feel the expansion of the soul and to lean into it. “

Dr. Lourene Roude,

Student, MD.

“It is difficult to put into words how much gratitude I have for the teachings Stephanie has shared with me. Stephanie is very knowledgable and is a natural teacher. The lessons I’ve learned on my mat have also helped me off my mat.” 

Dominique Sabourin

Student, 200 hour Yoga Teacher

“Through Stephanie’s classes, I have learned that yin yoga is so much more than just the physical…It is the gateway into a reality much deeper than this physical plane we reside in. It’s a path, one of many paths, that leads to the deepest sense of unconditional love, to the meeting of one’s true self. “

Megan Dean

Student, 200 hour Yoga Teacher

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Calgary based yoga instruction focusing on yin yoga, meditation and Chinese Energy modalities. Quality education to help you connect with your body, mind and soul. 

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