Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Nosco Yoga.

What is Yin Yoga?
On the coarsest level, Yin Yoga is the practice of long held passive stretching. Most postures are done with props on the floor that aim to target the time-dependent aspects of our tissues, mainly in the lower body. Tissue hydration, joint pliancy, increased range of motion, and overall relaxation, are some of the physiological benefits that yin yoga has to offer.

Stephanie’s classes are unique in her addition of crystal singing bowls, mindfulness methods, poetry and visualizations throughout the practice. You can expect to feel relaxed and inspired when you leave.

What is crystal bowls? Does Stephanie use them in all her classes?
Crystal singing bowls are musical instruments that made of crystal that resonate one tone. Stephanie plays alchemy crystal bowls, which are made of 99% quartz crystal, and also alchemized with gemstones and minerals. Each bowl has a unique resonance, which helps to move energy throughout the body. Stephanie plays 3-5 bowls in each of her classes. Some drop-in classes are taught without crystal bowls.
I am a beginner; can I attend a Yin Class?
Yes. Yin Yoga is for all levels! Please let Stephanie know at the beginning of class if you are new, and she will help get you set up with props.  Monday evening registered Yin Class is an excellent program to start off your yoga journey.
My Mind is too busy, I can’t meditate. Can I still come?
Yes! Yoga and meditation are for everyone, especially those with busy minds. Stephanie will offer detailed cuing and instructions to help calm the mind, nervous system and body. It is important to know, that yin yoga and meditation isn’t always about stilling the mind, but more about creating a better relationship with it, so we can have more agency over how we respond and act upon our feelings and thoughts.
What is a Dharma and Yin Workshop
Dharma and Yin Workshops (Formerly advanced practice groups) were developed for returning students who cannot commit to a weekly class with Stephanie. This class is also for those who want to continue their study after participating in a teacher-training program, retreat or registered class. These 2-hour workshops take place once a month, and are for current students of Stephanie’s only, or for those who have practiced Yin Yoga extensively with other teachers. Stephanie will not be offering basic cues of how to get in and out of poses, but will focus more on energetic visualizations, mindfulness methods, Buddhist principals/Taoist philosophies and psychospiritual inquiry.  This is a great time to connect with Stephanie regarding questions about teaching or practice. It is also a good way to keep in contact with like-minded community.
Does Stephanie teach privates lessons?
Stephanie will take on the occasional private client, or private group class. Please contact Stephanie for more information on availability and pricing.
I have never done a silent retreat before, can I still come? What is a silent retreat?
On silent retreat, we turn off all technology and relax the expectation to speak socially. The facilitator will lead participants through all meditation and yoga sessions. Notes can be written to teachers to ask questions regarding practice or logistical needs.

Many who attend retreat are experiencing silence for the first time. There are no prerequisites for the silent retreats, other than a willingness to disconnect to reconnect.

I haven’t taken a 200-hour teacher training, Can I take Stephanie’s Yin Training?
Yes! Many people take this course simply wanting to know more about Yin Yoga and Develop their own practice.
Is Stephanie’s Yin Training Registered through Yoga Alliance?
This course (Level 1 and 2) is eligible for 50 hours of continuing education units through Yoga Alliance. If you have a Yoga Alliance profile, you can download your PDF certificate to your account.

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