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Jan 24 2020 - Feb 02 2020


All Day



Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Level 1

January 2020, Calgary, Alberta

This 35-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Retreat occurs over two-weekends, Jan 24-26 and Jan 31-Feb 2 2020, at Montgomery Chiropractic Plus in Calgary, Alberta, with Stephanie Nosco. Stephanie is one of only 15 instructors internationally certified by Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga.

In this 35-hour course, we will explore the four Foundation of Mindfulness as explored in the Buddha’s Satipatana Sutta, and use this as a framework to explore the practice of long-held postures. While teaching theory, anatomy, skeletal variation and posture clinics will be a large component of the course, this program requires participants to engage in personal inquiry and a willingness to establish a consistent home practice.¬†When we teach from a place that is grounded in the insights of our own self-study, that which we teach has more resonance and transmission for our students.

This first module (Level 1) of the 70-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training program will provide you with the foundations to teach a yin yoga class with confidence and a thorough understanding of the physical body and mindfulness meditation. This course differs from other yin yoga teacher training programs in the depth of study we will do around meditation, Buddhist and Taoist theories as taught by Stephanie’s teacher, Sarah Powers. This course is NOT for those who wish to just learn about teaching Yin Yoga postures, rather, for those who have a keen interest in meditation and self-development that can be practiced within the Yin Yoga container.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Schedule:

Two Weekends: January 24-26th & January 31-February 2, 2020.
Friday: 6:30-9:30
Saturday: 10-5pm
Sunday 10-4pm

Topics Include:

  • Osteokinamatics of the Spine and Hips
  • Skeletal Variation Theory
  • How to teach Yin Yoga Postures Safely and Effectively
  • Skillful Cueing
  • Sequencing
  • Yin/Yang class structuring
  • How to hold space for people in a Yin Yoga class
  • Breathing in Yin Yoga
  • Basic Taoist Philosophy
  • Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • how to teach basic mindfulness meditation
  • Metta (Loving-kindness meditation)


Yin Yoga Teacher Training Investment:

Level 1: $699 + gst

Level 1 and 2: $1299 + gst

About Stephanie Nosco:

Stephanie has been a yoga practitioner and spiritual enthusiast since the age of 15. She has been teaching yin yoga for over a decade and is a senior student of yin yoga founder, Sarah Powers. Stephanie is endorsed by Sarah’s Insight Yoga Institute, which encourages lifelong learning in the modalities of yoga, Buddhist meditation, depth psychology, and Taoist philosophies. She has also studied with Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley, and Joe Barnette. Stephanie has an undergraduate degree in both Religious Studies and Education and is currently working towards her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Stephanie is a medical Qigong practitioner and teacher, certified by the Empty Mountain Institute in California, and is passionate about how Chinese Energy Medicine can be integrated into yoga and meditation practices. She currently lives and teaches in the Calgary area, facilitating silent retreats and teacher training programs.

*Please note: in order to receive your certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance, reading and writing assignments must be completed. There will be a facebook accountability group so graduates can share resources and continue to receive support from me. Included in your tuition is a detailed, bound teacher-training manual, supplemental reading materials and, all instruction.

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