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Stephanie Nosco
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Matt Kelemen
Matt Kelemen
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Jan 12 2020


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Sacred 9: breathwork, philosophy, plant medicine


Pranayama, or breathing practices have been used for centuries cross-culturally to shift states of consciousness. Because the breath directly influences our nervous system, changing how we breathe has the power to shift our state of mind. In the Tibetan Yogic tradition, breathing practices are used intentionally to clear energy that perpetuates rumination and unskillful thought patterns. In this workshop we will explore the Tibetan 9 breathings of purification and learn how this short, potent practice can shift our state of mind from one that is contracted to one that is spacious. Basic energetic anatomy will be taught, as well as a conversation surrounding the 3 feelings, the 3 poisons and 3 seeds of virtue, that can fundamentally transform our ways of viewing the world.

Hapéh is a ceremonially prepared blend of medicinal plants that is hand-made in the forests and jungles of Central and South America by tribes that have built traditions into recognizing the spiritual language of their local vegetation. Most often, these blends are made with a tobacco base and then take on the properties of the coexisting plants. This mixture is then administered into the nose, one nostril at a time, through a pipe known as a “tepi” that is blown into by an administrator or shaman. This experience not only invites in the profound healing benefits of medicinal tobacco (much different than the “tobacco” found in cigarettes; see link below), but helps to deliver a wide variety of physical, physiological, spiritual and other benefits from the plant world. During this workshop, you will be invited to partake in the potent decongesting properties of the Eucalyptus plant, internationally renowned for its respiratory clearing effects. After receiving your dose from the shaman, there is a beautifully subtle period of sitting with the plant medicine before blowing the medicine back out of the nose into some tissue.

This medicine is generously subtle and very welcoming to those who have never explored plant medicine before. Great care and instruction will be given to all those who are interested in applying this medicine to enhance their breathing and meditative practice for the evening. Ceremonial song and celebration will be led and encouraged as a means of closing this session in togetherness and recognition of each others gifts and presence.

LOCATION: Private Cabin Residence in Bragg Creek (Address and directions will be given upon ticket purchase)

TIME: 6:30PM – 9:30PM

COST: $60

BRING: Mug, Journal, Cushion, Blanket, Comfortable Clothing, Personally Important Items to be Charged During Ceremony, Instruments that you are happy to share.

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