Stress is something I have been working a lot with lately. The secret is that just because you know tools to manage stress (or even teach them) does not mean you are immune to experiencing this feeling of heavy anxiety and overwhelm!  Stress happens to all of us, and especially in our global political environmental state. We are all experiencing the impact of uncertain and even scary times. How do we manage?
Last night I sat down and had a little cry. It was a relief to let down my guard of resisting the feeling of stress, anxiety and overwhelm and just feel it. Offering compassion to myself with a hand over the heart and then extending it out with relief. It’s ok to sometimes not be ok. Compassion sometimes is a better response than trying to fix it.

Stress management tip for you today: practice TONGLEN. This is a simple practice of feeling and sending out healing with your breath. You could practice this FREE guided meditation in a seated forward bend and breath deeply. Remember that you are not alone, and that you are worthy of your love and care. From my heart to yours.