mindful new years reflections

The New Year marks a New Beginning, a time for Mindful New Years Reflections

This is a great time for mindful new years’ reflections on where we are, where we have been, and where we are going. While setting aspirations for the New Year can inspire us to be the best version of ourselves, it can be easy to get stuck on feeling never good enough, and disappointed when we do not reach our goals.

The Buddha said that what we notice begins to GROW.

So instead of noting our failures of 2019 consider making a list of new years validations! This is a shortlist of your accomplishments. These are mindful new years’ reflections.

Make a note of all the ways in which you have triumphed, transcended, withstood or survived the past year.

Notice the ways, however small or large you have lived and loved well.

mindful new years reflections

Make a point to highlight the occasions when you held to your truth, set boundaries, and make new choices. Remember the times you got back up after difficulties or failures. Honor those that have supported you, believed in you, and loved you along the way.

Trust that this goodness will grow in 2020 the more you show up in little ways. While the little ways we are kind and courageous might not look like much, together we build something significant.

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Here’s to your continued growth in this new decade!

xo Stephanie

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