Autumn Mindfulness Meditation

I’ve recorded an Autumn Mindfulness Meditation on Listening to the Wisdom of the Lungs. This is an interesting topic related to Chinese Medicine and the changes in seasons, I hope you enjoy it.

In Chinese Energy medicine, every organ in our body has its own spirit, its own wisdom. The wisdom of our organs in inherited from the earth: her elements, her seasons, her sacred rhythms.

Autumn is the season of the lung.

The air is cool the leaves are brown and crispy.

The birds fly south, and the bears prepare for sleep.

Fall reminds us of the constant change and flow that life is. Like the exhale breath, the season is descending. While it can seem sad, death is beautiful because it gives space for something new. It would be impossible to only inhale without the exhale – death supports life, just as life supports death.

The ancient Taoists suggests that our lungs are not only vital for our respiration, our skin health, and immunity, but our capacity to flow with the changes in life. They remind us that everything is in flux, continually coming into birth and falling into death.

In this lung season, ask: What am I ready to let go of?

Where can I flow a bit more with whatever is happening right now in my life?

Because the lungs are the only organ that can operate consciously and unconsciously they make an excellent object of mindfulness meditation.

Please enjoy this free Autumn Mindfulness Meditation on Listening to the Wisdom of the Lungs.

Autumn Mindfulness Meditation

Life is a constant exchange

Flowing loss and gifts

Like the season’s shifts

Dead leaves and flowers

Petals blow in the wind we breathe

Open fingers are better than closed fists.

If you enjoyed this, feel free to listen to my Check-In Meditation here.

xo Stephanie

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Autumn Mindfulness Meditation